Introducing KEDAS GmbH –
the experts for high
quality cutting and grinding discs
from Germany


Established in 1985, Kedas GmbH became one the most valued manufacturers for resin bonded cutting and grinding discs and diamond blades in the business. In 2004 the Frankfurt-based Sales Office started delivering world-class products and services to clients all over the world. Today we serve clients in over 28 countries from the Middle East, Northern Africa and South America producing several million top-level discs per year for surface finishing, machine working and cutting of material.

The Company

Experienced business professionals with broad international backgrounds put your requirements first.

“I am happy to be a vital part of the Kedas Group’s story of success. I will continue to create solution-driven concepts for our global clients aiming for win-win-situations. My primary goal is to understand our clients’ needs and build relations endorsed by mutual trust.”

Managing Director, Kedas Group

The whole management team and the engineers at the R&D-Department are dedicated to total customer satisfaction from production, to research, and after-sales-service.

This dedication to Total Quality Management was recognised by both the media and international organisations and led to several awards such as the prestigious Quality Crown Award in 2009 and the International Star for Quality in 2011.

The Product

When it comes to tough jobs in surface finishing or machine working, you need to choose the right tool to make it work. Kedas’s high-quality resin bonded cutting and grinding discs always prove that you made the right decision. They are safe, reliable and rock-solid. Our product range gives you the freedom to choose from three different grades, depending on your application:


solid service life, fast cutting


long service life, increased cutting speed, easy cutting, very efficient


extra long service life, maximum cutting speed, high-performance, profitable

No matter what your challenge may be – Kedas offers the right product for any application in industrial, welding, metal fabrication or construction surroundings. Whether it is about cutting metal, all kinds of steel including inox, concrete, roof tiles, marble, stone or floor pavement, plaster and bricks – our products are always ready to do the job.

The Business

Talking about business with us means you can fully rely on our support. The Kedas Group provides a complete state-of-the-art marketing program to help you run your business successfully. From promotional items to brochures, and from training your sales stuff to technical workshops for your clients – Kedas is ready to help you reach success in your market.

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